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Back Naked

Wrapped in Her culture,
Confident in Her birth.


What is a Doula

A non medical professional that provides emotional, physical, informational and advocacy to a pregnant person during all reproductive experiences, They also may provide support to the partner and family. The term Doula also means servant.

Get to Know Me

I'm Kayla, a full spectrum Doula

You may call me Kay for short I am located in Kansas City. Along with being a Doula I am also a Dietary Manager and Seamstress. While working at a hospital as a Dietary Aid I read an article about being a Doula and my heart spoke to me. I fell in love with the birthing process and the support I could provide mothers and families. After receiving my training from the International Doula Institute I was determined to find a way to offer all  my skills to my mothers and families. Back Naked Birthing is trained to inform and aid from Conception to Postpartum and everything in between. 


My Services


2 prenatal appointments

focused on information,

birthing plan,

informed consent,

pain control, and positions

Dietary Management as needed.


Attendance during labor

and birth, execution of birthing plan, advocate in times of need.

Breast feeding

Information and tips to

help with Breast feeding.

Sacred Postpartum

My favorite part.

Every new Mother

no matter how many times she gives birth

deserves to be catered to

and honored.

Back Naked takes pride in giving mothers a sacred postpartum ceremony. 


Some Why...

BNB (Back Naked Birthing) aims to support mothers and families in a satisfying and empowering birthing experience. We will work together to plan a birth on your terms. As your Doula I will focus on ensuring you are fully informed about labor and delivery, prenatal nutrition, comfort and pain control.

Back Naked focuses on the Mother during the postpartum. Along with helping with home and baby during a mothers healing time we also ensure every new mother, no matter how many births, feels anew and honored. Back Naked honors the Mother with rituals, herbs and fabric. With this sacred work Back Naked is determined to lower the cases of postpartum depression and reconnect the West to the traditions we have forgotten.

The Postpartum

You are to be Celebrated. Back Naked Birthing hand crafts rituals to welcome each New mom into motherhood. These rituals are intended to feed the mind body and spirit as you take on your new journey. This is a sacred and vulnerable time for a mom, Back Naked helps you through your transition. After opening your self physically and spiritually to birth, our rituals will help you close those passageways and heal.

This is my favorite part of the entire birthing process.


"Could not have done this without Kayla. She is Amazing!"


"Kept my mind at ease! Amazing support and information. Always on call! Thank you Kayla!"


" What Kayla can do with fabric is, just  WOW! I never knew you could be so in control of your pregnancy and birth"


"She is so good at what she does. My family was unsure about a birth outside of a hospital. Kayla's presence kept everyone calm, even my dad! 


So professional!

Our prenatal appointments were very informative and well laid out. Our birth plan changed but we wouldn't have been prepared without Kayla.


"Corona changed everything I had planned. I could no longer have my Doula in the room it was just me and my partner. I was so happy Kayla could provided virtual support.


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