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Sacred Fabric.

Updated: Apr 7, 2020


Imagine a fabric not only woven with thread but also with joy, pain, love, light, empowerment, and encouragement. All gathered in the journeys shared.

Imagine that fabric being passed down from generation to generation each womb being wrapped and pampered with the same fabric her mother, grand mother got to experience.

See the fabric as a constant reminder that those before me have survived labor and I will too. Knowing even your birth was aided with this scared fabric and now you hold it or it holds you. you hold it or it holds you...

What is a Rebozo ?

A long flat garment used mostly by women. The rebozo can be folded or wrapped around the head and/or upper body to shade from the sun, provide warmth and as an accessory to an outfit.

It is also Used in many different cultures as an aid in pregnancy, labor, birth and after birth for baby wearing and other things, the Rebozo is limitless.

The true origin of the fabric being used for pregnancy and birth is not known. But, it has been said it was first used by the Moors and brought by the Spanish to the land of Mexico and named the Rebozo, or Shaw.

the Rebozo is limitless.

The work of the Rebozo during labor is to help relieve pressure and help mom feel secure. It can be both used with a partner or with mom alone.

Above shows many different ways you can use the fabric in labor, birth, and postpartum. The same fabric you labor with you give birth with. It also is used in the seal the bones ceremony and baby wearing. Limitless.

Placed under the tummy and crossed in the back. Mom can then tug and relieve the pelvis of pressure.

Back Naked hand sews Rebozos in African textiles. Made with love to wrap mom in her culture and allow her to be confident in her birth. It is apart of each moms sacred transition with Back Naked Birthing into new mother hood.

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