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You are to be, CELEBRATED!

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Every NEW mom, no matter how many births deserves to be pampered and celebrated. Back Naked Birthing has made it a goal to honor every mother we serve with sacred postpartum ceremonies where we combine crystals, herbs and oils with fabric to create an experience you will never forget.


We “RECLAIM” the postpartum in an effort to lower the rate of postpartum depression with African American moms being most at risk and receiving the least healing.

In pregnancy you are preparing for your precious arrival.

Birth is all about opening up and receiving your gift.

The Postpartum should be used to close you back up and allow you time to heal as you get use to your new self and family.

The history of postpartum care is long, and stretches between cultures all with the care and comfort of the mother and baby being the common thread.

The Postpartum should be used to close you back up...

The Back Naked experience is unique to each mother and her needs. We look over and decide the best postpartum experience for her and her family. There are a few rituals Back Naked uses as a base to all moms. I will wash your feet with herbs and crystal shavings for a foot bath that promotes prosperity, positivety, peace,love and healing to take with you as you walk into mother hood.

Ill close your bones. A ceremony that literally closes you up after being open so wide for birth. It sets scared intimate space giving mom an opportunity to be nurtured. With candles, flowers, and crystals to help set the tone, fabric is uses to gently massage and sway the body and hips. Then I wrap the body and hips like a cocoon, helping the hips, body, and mind come together as mom reflects on her journey to the sound of music or poetry.

Finally I will bind your belly and show you how with your very own hand-made Back Naked Sacred Belly Binding Wrap. Belly binding is the art of wrapping the belly and hips after birth for physical support and to help hasten the recovery process after childbirth. With a long cut of fabric we wrap the abdomen from the hips to the rib cage to help get things back in place.

These rituals in addition to rituals chosen by mom, including family or couple rituals are used in combination to welcome not only baby into the world but also the new mother into motherhood.


When studying the traditions of birth across culture I learned that in most cultures the mother is catered to weeks after birth. It is a new and western way to allow mother to cope with motherhood without the support and wisdom of women and family surrounding her. Back Naked is giving those traditions back to our community, as we have forgotten due to mis-teachings. We will reclaim our bodies, pregnancies, births, and Postpartum as we unlearn habits and relearn what is already embedded in us,

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