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Pregnancy Sleep

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Sleeping while pregnant can be very uncomfortable and can make for some very long nights. We cant change the fact that your baby bump gets in the way but there are a few things we can do to help you sleep better. Here is a list of a few of Back Naked's favorite bits of advice for sleeping while pregnant:

  • Try to stop eating and drinking at least an hour before bed to stop from going to rest room.

  • Avoid heavy meals before bed

  • Try not to use the bed for anything but sleeping, use the couch and other areas if possible for tv and other activates.

  • If restless try to do a chore or tedious task to help tire your self out, empty dish washer, fold clothes, vacuum. Remember you do not have to finish the task, this is just to help tire your self out.

  • Use pregnancy pillow, or many pillows for support.

  • Try to sleep on your left side. Left side helps blood flow and is proven to help with a good nights rest.

  • Avoid all caffeine after 1pm, caffine makes for a energized day but a restless night.

  • Try to get as much sun as you can during the day, this helps with your sleep cycle. Take a walk outside for breaks and lunch. Take a short walk at home before bed.

  • Try to get still, meditation before bed is proven to help sleep as well!

These tips should defiantly help you get a better nights rest. If you need any extra advice feel free to reach out to Back Naked or ask your Midwife or OB for extra tips!

Have a happy, healthy Pregnancy!

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