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Breast Feeding during COVID-19


Corona Virus is changing the way we live, but it doesn't have to change everything. Moms are being forced to change their birthing plans and ultimately have less support. But one thing that does not have to change is giving our babies the best nutrition and care possible. Whether you have the COVID-19 virus, think you have it, or just have a cold or flu, you can still breast feed your baby.


When you are not feeling well there are certain precautions you should take before feeding your baby, here are some tips!

•Wash your hands before and after touching your baby

•Practice respiratory hygiene and wear a mask

•Keep all services sanitized and clean and any area mom touches


If a mom is feeling too weak to breastfeed there are other options.

•Pumping breast milk


•Donor human milk or Wet nurse

If a mom that has been diagnosed with COVID-19 she should be encouraged to hold her baby skin to skin, breast feed, and room with their baby. After being exposed to the virus by mom, the baby will most benefit from direct breastfeeding. That liquid gold has many benefits! It protects baby providing immune defense to help your baby fight illness off.

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